A mom dealing with homeschool burnout while kids play in backgroundFeeling burnt out? Exhausted from the effort of both parenting and teaching?    Trying to figure out how to deal with homeschool burnout?

You’re not alone. When you take on the responsibility of educating your child, homeschool burnout is a common experience for parents. That doesn’t make it any easier, but know that even the most seasoned and organized homeschool parents are there with you. It’s a lot to take on and can feel thankless at times. The good news is that the feeling of burnout and frustration will pass.

We’re here to give you some tips on how to get through those burnout feelings a bit faster, or maybe to avoid them altogether, and to reinforce that what you’re going through is normal. In-school teachers, working professionals and even CEOs experience burn-out.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with homeschool burnout…

Lower your expectations

Lower your expectations for yourself and your child. Homeschooling is a long-term endeavor. If your child is happy most days and is making an attempt to follow your plan most of the time, you’re doing a great job! Focus on long-term progress rather than the odd bad day.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Kids are messy and unpredictable and so is their learning. That’s normal and a part of the maturing process. As a homeschooling parent, try to be consistent, positive and calm. But no one is perfect, so don’t sweat the occasional time when you’re not.

Don’t be afraid to change your approach

Don’t be afraid to change your approach. If you’re feeling burnt out over a long period of time, try something new.

Ask for help!

Speak up and ask for help. Homeschoolers have some amazing and supportive community groups out there. Other homeschool parents are usually happy to help with ideas on how to improve your situation. Involve your spouse and let them know you’re struggling. They may be able to take time off to help, arrange for extra support or even just provide an extra ear for you to vent. And if you’re feeling ongoing or a lot of anxiety, stress or any depression, you should always reach out for professional help. Be proactive and include vacations and breaks into your homeschooling plans on a regular basis if you can. Even CEOs take vacations!

And remember why you chose to homeschool your child. You’re building the foundation for a life-long relationship with your little one. Every relationship has its ups and downs (which is important for your child to see), but you’re getting to spend time with them during a phase in their life that they’ll appreciate that much more when they’re adults.

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