Introduction: What is CTC Math?

CTC Math is a company that provides a full math curriculum with short learning videos, practice questions and answer summaries for K-12 students. It was founded by Pat Murray. Pat, an expert math teacher, explains each topic in an easy to follow way. CTC Math is a paid service with a monthly or annual subscription model.

How does CTC Math Work?

CTC Math ReviewCTC Math is a math practice website, which is designed to help students with their math skills. It aims to improve their understanding of math by providing step-by-step instructions and examples for all types of problems. It contains videos of 4-6 minutes in length for each topic, explained in a clear and concise way, with simple diagrams and visuals. On their FAQ page, they provide a video explaining and showing how the service works.

They offer a free trial, with paid options for monthly and yearly memberships. For one student, rates are $29.97 monthly or $197 yearly. For more than one student, rates are $39.97 monthly or $297 yearly. With a paid membership, you get access to all grade levels and lessons. You can download a complete lesson list from their site before you buy.

CTC Math includes comprehensive tests for each topic, followed by an assessment of the results, outlining any areas that require additional work.

Parents can view their child’s progress anytime online and can also opt for weekly progress reports via email. There is a “Parent’s Area” of the site for viewing status and progress.

They also provide worksheets, both online and printable. Worksheets are predominantly in the form of multiple choice questions.

CTC Math is based on HTML5, which means it can run on most devices that have a browser, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

What are the Benefits of Using CTC Math?

CTC Math, can function as both a full math curriculum for homeschooling parents as well as a tutoring supplement for anyone who wants their child to brush up on math skills.

Benefits include

  • Easy to navigate
  • Short and succinct videos that don’t over-complicate explanations
  • Strong visual support within videos
  • Works with different modes of learning (in-class, homeschooling, self-paced etc.)
  • Full math curriculum
  • Includes a reward system to help motivate

Conclusion: Should You Consider Using CTC Mathematics

CTC Math is an excellent program and should be considered as an option for those willing to pay the monthly subscription fees. A few notes about the program. There’s no mention on their site whether the math curriculum aligns with the Common Core State Standards, so it may be worth inquiring for those based in the US. The learning videos within the program are of good quality, however, since it’s the same presenter through all of the videos, a child watching many videos in a row may lose interest, especially younger kids.

If you’re looking for a completely free option that provides age-appropriate learning videos for each topic, across Math, English, Science, Health and Social Studies, you may want to consider Their curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and easy to navigate. Each topic in every subject links to a YouTube learning video that teaches the topic in a fun, age-appropriate way. Given the huge variety of approaches in the videos, your child will never get bored of learning. All videos have been vetted by real humans.