What is the Homeschool Awakening Movie About

The Homeschool AwakeningHomeschooling is becoming a popular option for many families, especially those looking to have more control over what their children learn. The Christian faith-focused documentary “The Homeschool Awakening”, starring Kirk Cameron, and released in June of 2022, attempts to give some insight into the life of homeschoolers, with a particular focus on faith-based approaches to homeschooling.

The film follows different American families that are homeschooling their children. It explores the reasons why homeschooling became their choice and what they enjoy about it, as well as some of the pitfalls.

The movie attempts to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions related to homeschooling in a visually appealing, entertaining, warm and fun way. Whether it’s successful at achieving this or will be enjoyed by viewers is a different story.

How does the Homeschool Awakening Movie Rank

The move received mixed reviews, but here are the rankings as of Dec 21, 2022 on the various move review platforms.

IMDB – 3.7 / 10

Rotten Tomatoes – Audience score: 100% (50+ verified ratings). Tomatometer: Not yet reviewed

Movieguide.org – Entertainment Quality: 3 out of 4 stars. Content: +4 “Biblical, usually Christian, worldview, with no questionable elements whatsoever’

Stevepulaski.com – ½ star

Final Thoughts on The Homeschool Awakening Movie

The movie seems to skim over many of the challenges that parents face when they make the life-changing decision to pursue homeschooling in favor of an overly optimistic (and did we mention faith-based) approach to homeschooling. If you’re already following a Christian homeschooling program, you may enjoy this movie.

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